And so it begins…

Meet the Brick Smiths!

The adventure of starting a blog, along with a YouTube Channel and a supporting Instagram, is going to be one to look back on. This blog will mainly consist of written reviews of certain Lego sets, then eventually it will develop into a more personal as well as channel based page. It’s exciting to meet and welcome whoever wishes to tag along with Mr. Brick Smith and I, the one day Mrs(he’s taking his time).

It has been a long time coming that we decided to do something with our love for building Lego and our love for talking non-stop about them to others, what better way than to Blog, Vlog, YouTube Review, and start an Instagram page?

We have no idea where we will end up down the road after starting these, but nonetheless we are ready to begin. For those interested in Lego, this is the place to go, and we do hope to also gain some personal followers as time goes on and turn this page into a big community. I know Mr. Brick Smith would like me to add, thank God for Lego.

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