First Video!

LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313)-4
Video Number One!

First YouTube Video is up!

“The Lego Ideas Ship in a Bottle set is a set which well deserves its Lego Ideas logo. This set is not too big and not too small, making it perfect for display purposes. The ship—which fills the bottle—is very well built, well detailed and actually quite fun to build. The bottle and stand are also well made, and designed, matching perfectly with the ship and water inside. This build is a little difficult as well as time consuming, but for the dedicated Lego fan, the set is a great display piece and worth it.” -Mr. Brick Smith

Now it really begins! The first video is up, sadly Mr. Brick Smith didn’t listen to me and he used his phone to record instead of my High Definition camera, but next time we’ll have that all figured out. It was really fun putting this all together, considering I had to stay up all night combining multiple different videos because his phone died and he had to take more than one cut, and it was well worth it!

We don’t expect the channel to take off instantly or anything, in fact I’m fairly certain at this point we have 0 people reading the blog, 3 subscribers on YouTube, and only 70 followers on our Instagram… We all have to start somewhere! We were just about ready to upload three more videos, but sadly something went wrong and everything was lost. Oh well, am I right? Better luck next time!

Hopefully at some point people start watching and enjoying, we would love to build a community and a family with our followers. Once there’s more to talk about, these blogs will definitely get much longer. Thank you to anyone who watches our channel, follows us on Instagram, and whoever reads these ❤


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