So the Search begins…

Aren’t they lovely?

Hey guys!

We posted our second video a week or so ago, so if you want to check it out feel free! But anyways, here’s how today went:

Mr. Brick Smith had me drive over at about 7:25 this morning, and shortly thereafter we went to get me Starbucks near our local Target, and to go to look at LEGOs (our usual Sunday routine). While he was over looking at Star Wars sets, I stumbled across a huge rack filled with the new Minifigure Series. Totally awesome, by the way!

We spent the next hour going about and ‘feeling up’ every single bag, and we found everything but the Police Officer, I’m sure, but Mr. Brick Smith decided on keeping the 12 above (yes, we wanted two dragons). Honestly, the most fun I’ve had on a Sunday in awhile, felt like a date!

The first two we picked up confused us so much, because we felt this odd box, which we did assume were the little kids, and could not figure out what on earth was on the top of them! I then noticed shortly thereafter that there were balloons, and we then just felt around for hairpieces to check if we had the boy or girl, and I had the girl and he found the boy. [I am sorry to admit we’re totally cheaters and feel the bags rather than grab and hope for the best, I’m sorry!] I felt pretty awesome with the fact I was finding all the cool ones and all he could find was the clown for a solid 25 minutes, in fact I basically found everything he wanted. After too much Starbucks, I needed a quick trip to the ladies room, when I got back, surely he had found more clowns, and the birthday cake guy. He was desperate to find the bricks (same, honestly), but I guess I just put a little more logic into it and started grabbing the bags that looked more ‘puffy’ with what I assumed had bigger pieces, sure enough I instantly found the cactus he wanted, then a few rockets, and a solid 6 of the girl brick, and the last one I grabbed was the boy brick.

Take that, Hun, I have beat you at your own game! He used to think he was so much better than me at this! Bwahaha, the tables have turned!

IMPORTANT: It seems that each box contains more clowns than anything else, more rockets than cacti, more cats than spiders, more elephants than Unicorns, decent amount of dragons, a few cake guys, and a lot of girl bricks and not a lot of the guy, zero police officers, some flowers, and surprisingly enough…? There was only one cowboy with the horse costume. Hope that helps anyone who wants to know what to look out for!


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